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Jim’s Cheap and Effective Weedkiller

Fuel Calculators

Crucial.com - The place for memory: first class products and service.


1st Spot
A Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online (A Good Read For Non-Techy Parents)
Acronym Finder
AGI Landscapes LLP - Improving on Nature
Amazing X-rays
American Childhood Cancer Organisation
Animated Gifs
Aria Technology
Asbestos Attorneys
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Atlapedia Online
AVG Anti Virus
Brain Food
Brain Games
British Newspapers Online
Broadband SpeedTest
Busting the Biggest PC Myths
Cerebral Palsy Group - Medical Malpractice
Cerebral Palsy Guidance - a comprehensive educational support website for the very complex condition known as cerebral palsy
Cheap Smells - Excellent Prices and Service for perfumes, aftershaves, skin care, hair care and cosmetics
Children’s Online Safety - Useful information for keeping children safe online

Choice Stationery Supplies
Cocktails and More
Compare Prices before you Buy
Computer Supplies
Consumer Direct
Consumer Safety Guide - We’re here to help you and your loved ones get the answers you need about consumer and medical products. We want to educate the public and ensure consumers are informed about
defective medical products, dangerous drugs, and high-risk consumer products.

Convert Case - convert your text to exactly how you want it
Country Calling Codes
Cover Letters - thousands of cover letters for free
Cover Letter Templates

Crime, the law and you
Crossword Puzzle Games
Cyber Security - Beginner’s Guide to using a VPN
Desktop Clock
Dictionary and More
Digital Safety - staying safe online
Directgov - Official government website for citizens
Directory Enquiries
Drug Dangers - committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications
Educational Software
eMedicineHealth - Excellent site on all health matters
E Safety Guide - For parents and kids: to keep kids safe online

ESP Special Batteries
Examinations Timetable
First Call Inks
Flowers Online
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Free Clip Art
Free Desktop Sticky Notes
Free Firewall
Free Guestbook
Free Online Brain Teasers, Mind Games, Optical Illusions and other Brainy Puzzles
Free Ringtones
Free Wallpapers
Freelance:uk - everything for the creative freelancer
Google Alerts
Google Gadgets for your Website
Guide on Understanding Bullying
Guide to Computer Training
h2g2 - your guide to life
Healthy Living
Helping Children Fall Asleep - Sleep Onset Problems in Children
Hints and Things
History of the Ceiling Fan
Hloom - Free Microsoft Office Templates
Hoax-Slayer - Dedicated to educating web uses about hoaxes/security issues
Holidays Uncovered
Home Bargains
Home Improvements to Help Boost Your Mental Health
Hospital PPE - Understanding how to stop the spread of infectious diseases
Hot UK Deals
Hotel Direct
How Much does Rehab cost? - The Cost of Addiction Treatment
How to Create a Learning Environment in the Home

How to Create a Home Where a Family Can Thrive: An Interview with Kimberley Blaine
How to Keep Children Safe Online
How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?
How to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Place :A Medical Opinion
How to Start a Cover Letter
Identity and Passport Service
Inkredible - Excellent product, excellent prices and customer service second to none
Indigo Travel Guide
Infobel World Telephone Directories
Info Please
Interactive Trivia Quizzes
Internet Safety for Teens, Kids and students: Full Guide 2019
ITV Home
Internet safety for Kids 2019 -  A Guide to Protecting Children’s Privacy Online
Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise
JK Educate - offering tutoring from the age of 5 onwards
John's Word Search Puzzles
Keeping Children safe online - Guide to keeping children safe Online
Knowledgerush Book Directory
Legal Definitions
Library Spot
Live Earth
Living in London Guide
Lycoris Media - Quality Web Designs at Affordable Prices
Making the Right Choice with Child-Safe Cleaning products

Maps of the World
McAfee AVERT Stinger
Medical Malpractice Centre
Mesothelioma Help - The only mesothelioma site featuring a live chat option 24/7 with certified doctors and nurses
Mesothelioma Lawyers
Mesothelioma.Net - Hope, Faith, Action.
Mesothelioma Treatment

MyFax - send a fax for FREE
MyMemory - an excellent site for all kinds of memory
MyTutorWeb -
Discover bright, successful and trusted tutors no matter where you live
NHS Choices
Online Conversion
Online Dictionary
Online Education - Edu Pundit is a hub for all kinds of educational information such as distance learning courses, online university courses, online courses, online degrees, distance learning MBA courses, online study and qualifications etc.
Online Etymology Dictionary

Online Memory
Online Privacy: Myth or Reality
Online Safety Tips for Kids & Parents
Online Virus Check
Open Cobalt - The vision is to enable researchers, educators, students, and others to interact within a widely distributed set of interlinked, public or private 3D virtual workspaces that can be richly provisioned with resources on demand
Parents’ Guide to Healthy Sleep
Patient.co.uk - Trusted medical information and support

PC Security
Police.uk - your local crime and policing website for England and Wales
Printable Puzzles
Recipe Source - the searchable online archive of recipes
Richer Sounds
Rights and Responsibilities
Say no to 0870
Science Museum - The Science Museum is world renowned for its historic collections, awe-inspiring galleries and inspirational exhibitions
Sci-Tech (Couldn't be without it)
Senior Living Help
Simply Psychology
Sitefinder - Government Data Base of Mobile Phone Base Stations
Skyfire - The excellent free browser for mobiles

Small Business Dictionary - Dictionary of  Business Planning Terms

Space Weather
Spitzer Space Telescope -The Spitzer Science Center strives to maintain a Web site that is easy to use and informational
StatCounter - a free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats
Street map
Stuck in London  
Tangrams and Puzzles for Kids
Teacher Resource Exchange
Teachers Report Assistant
Telephone Preference Service - Stop unsolicited marketing calls
The Death Clock
The Definitive Guide to Internet Privacy & Online Security
The Free Country.com
The Free Dictionary.com
The Light Bulb Company
The Phrase Finder
The Royal Society - check on tab History of Science > Turning the Pages
The Royal Society of Chemistry
The Scholarship and Bursary Advisory Centre - Find Scholarships and Bursaries at Independent Schools & Colleges in the UK & abroad
TheSite.org - your guide to the real world

The Spirit of Now
The Ultimate Guide to Hearing Health for Veterans
The Ultimate Puzzle Site
The World Clock - Time Zones
Timeless Tips
Top 25 Astronomy NASA Photos of All Time
Top 25 Public Observatories

Transport Direct - Connecting People to Places
Tuck - a community devoted to promoting sleep health awareness
Tutorfair -
Find and book a local or online tutor with Tutorfair. Search for local tutors by subject, level and your postcode. Tutorfair will show you search results with the top rated tutors at the top
UK Passport Agency
UK Private Tutors - The Tutor Pages is the UK's most comprehensive site for information and advice on
private tuition in the UK, containing thousands of articles on academic, music and language

Understanding Food Additives
University Guide
Up My Street
Veterans with Mesothelioma
Weather Online
WebFerret (THE Search Engine)Web Hosting
Webmaster Tools
Website Goodies
Weekly Mobile Goodies
Wildlife and Nature Photography
World Atlas
World Sites Atlas
World Travel Guide
Wikibooks - Open books for an open world